Video Player Pro Terms of Service.

Video Player Pro cannot be resold alone.

*You can sell projects that include Video Player Pro, but you can't sell it
 by itself.

Video Player Pro is free for personal use.

*Video Player Pro can be used royalty free for personal use as long as
Video Player Pro's logo and back link remains intact.

Video Player Pro may be distributed for free.

*So you want to share and distribute your movies across the net? Well
We're not going stop you! As long as your not charging any money and our
logo with back link remains intact, feel free to give away Video Player Pro
along with your projects.

For commercial use, or if you want the logo removed you
have to pay a fee.

*Hey, we have to make money somewhere right? For $25.00 we will give
you permission for commercial uses and remove our logo and back link.
For $50.00 you have commercial rights and logo free versions of all
the players we offer at the time of sale.

Video Player Pro is not guaranteed to be bug free.

*As far as we know everything is working fine. But, you never know...The
best we can do is fix the problems as they are discovered as quickly as
possible. If you find any bugs let us know, and make sure to keep us up to
date with your contact info so we can send you updates whenever any bugs
are discovered and fixed.


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